ATTENTION: Things We All Know But Have Yet To Apply

An interesting fact – if a human being gets into a staring contest with a goldfish, our likelihood of winning isn’t very high. Why do we say so? A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds which is more than can be said for humans, with only 8 seconds under our belt.

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Many blame this on the data-intensive worldwide web. With so much information, who would have the time to look through every single article? In fact, most of you won’t even finish reading this article. But as consumers of online content ourselves, I believe that every one of us do know how we can grab our own attention which is similar to the rest of the globalising world. So let me take you through the process when you surf Facebook; and in the mist, you’ll find tips on how to capture attention – information that you would have already subconsciously know about.

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So imagine this, you are scrolling down Facebook, words and more words, and suddenly; this unexpected picture surprises you:

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This picture appears, and you’ll take a second look. ** ALERT! ** Tip one, picture speaks a thousand words, it might be an old saying but it is still accurate. The current trend is that we are moving towards image-centric content. With so many words online, pictures (that tells a story in the area of your interest) would immediately attract people to pause for a couple of seconds. That is when the timer starts. This is where you read the content posted.


“Is This Guy the Hottest Security Guard in the World? (Answer: Almost Definitely)”


** ALERT! ** Let’s be honest, if there is anything more than 2-3 lines, we will give up reading it in a heartbeat. That’s because ain’t anybody got time for that. That leads us to our next tip or trend, one-liners. The era of traditional advertisement with text heavy content is over. So the next time you are trying to grab attention, place your unique selling point online – the one liner that defines you. So concentrate on the clear advertisements, with one focus that says it all. You don’t see the hot guy standing with another person, do you? He is standing alone so you can focus on him, he is all that matters.

Now going back to the story, so you find out through the one-liner that this guy is REALLY a Security Guard! Like a REAL one, not some model in a costume. Unbelievable and so you click on the link. And you are caught! Remember this process? It happens to us every day. But more importantly, think, where does this process happen? It is most likely on the MRT on the way to work/school/outings etc. and most probably on your mobile. ** ALERT ** since people are always google-ing stuff on their mobile, mobile unfriendly content turns everyone off. It was found that while surfing on their mobile, 96% of the people would leave websites that are mobile unfriendly. So a few things we should note, as we all hate:

  1. A  website that is hard to navigate.

That is a big NO. Complains usually go along the lines of “Why can’t I press this button, why is it not reacting, how do I get to the homepage. I GIVE UP!”

  1. A website where you constantly engage in the ‘scroll and pinch’ movement to read.

The trouble that you have to go through to read. If it is not important, I guarantee you are leaving that site in the next couple of minutes. Why? It’ll overwork our fingers.

  1. Easy login

In order to convince, it’s all about the convenience isn’t it?

  1. As mentioned above, TOO TEXT-HEAVY CONTENT!

Too many words to be enjoyable on any level. It’s not studying, so get straight to the point.

And there you have it, 3 key tips that will help you catch the attention of readers online.


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