Best YouTube Channels Ever

YouTube is undeniably a wonderful place to kill some boredom, watch something interesting or funny, at the comfort of your home or mobile device. As long as you have good wifi. You’re probably thinking this is one of those “Top 10 funniest YouTube Channels”, but it’s not, not quite. We’ve come up with a list of 5 best YouTube channels that would make you laugh harder or make you smarter. You may already be subscribed to more than one of them, but if you haven’t and would like to procrastinate your day a little more, give these a shot:

1. ScreenJunkies

This is the place for screen junkies – your  TV and Movie fanatics, who have loved and worshipped their HBO television series or blockbuster movie, this is the channel that keeps your favourite shows really honest.

2. The Young Turks

An American political/social commentary channel that claims to be the largest online news show in the world. Since 2009, TYT has been dedicated to bringing honest conversations about politics, entertainment, sports and pop culture to everyone.

3. PewDiePie

One of funniest YouTube channels around, PewDiePiew boasts over 27 million subscribers to date and for good reason – he’s so funny that you can’t resist.

4. Ted

TedTalks is your one-stop portal for the best ideas shared from the Ted Conference, with the world. In less than 20 minutes, these charismatic speakers will share with you ideas that could change your perspective. More than just a range of interesting topics, these sincere voices will impact your life.

5. A.J. Wood “The Adobe Wan”

Adobe recently launched its Creative Suite for the masses to enjoy the myriad of creative tools at the consumer or professional level. But for those of us still new to Adobe’s creative tools, A.J Wood will take you along through baby steps, from simple functions such as using Photoshop’s navigation tool to even the most complex  ones. You won’t fear not knowing how to use these creative tools anymore.

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