EFFIE AWARD 2014: My Singapore Favourites (Part 2)

If you had been reading my previous post about my affection for the Effie Award Winning Marketing Communications efforts by Singapore for this year, here’s a second update that would most certainly give you another perspective on advertising.

2nd Favourite : Recipe


Why do I like it?

(i)             Easy Understanding – Facts can be Interesting Too!

Picture from

This advertisement is like one of those video lessons in primary school that we all love. Information just flows so naturally into our minds just because it’s a video. There is an interesting storyline with not-too-shabby looking actors; so you know it’s not just boring information. So as a TV addict, thumbs up for me!


(ii)           Relatable

Depicting the story in Singapore amongst the local environment and culture allows me (and I think viewers too) to see themselves in the shoes of the protagonist. Therefore, evoking emotions. This ‘advertisement’ has truly touched home.

3rd Favourite : Guinness Arthur’s Day 2013

To celebrate Arthur’s Day, Guinness decided to throw a party but only to invite a very specific group of people – people who are bold enough. Therefore, they set up 3 challenges around Singapore for passer-by to attempt/complete. Out of the 3 challenges, my favourite is the tambour challenge.


Why do I like it?

(i)             Interesting & Memorable

The challenges that were listed were fun and interesting. It would be something memorable to do and it creates a desire to be at that location and to be offered the opportunity to take up the challenges and create memories.

It is also something light and interesting that I can talk over meals or use as small talk with friends, family and acquaintances. It not only spreads the word for Guinness but also increases the number of topics that I have on hand for conversation.

(ii)           Exclusive

What is there not to like about this idea? This party is da bomb. Imagine, you have gathered the boldest people in town. What you are going to have is a fun, out of your mind party. Moreover, in that party there would only be people with the same boldness as you. If you up to go dancing on the bar counter half nude, it won’t be difficult to find someone that is willing to do it with you. Therefore, it is exclusive and practically guarantees FUN. Indirect, but the message is still there.

(iii)          Valuable

Placing myself in the shoes of the ticket holders, these tickets are absolutely valuable. Why? Because I earned it. As I step into the party, I know that I have earned the right to be at this party just like everyone else here. This ticket is practically a badge of honour! Won’t you just want to boast it to everyone you know?

So all in all, even though this challenge only benefits a portion of people, the effect is much larger because it encourages word of mouth amongst both the ticket holders as well as the people outside the window (non-ticket holders).

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