EFFIE AWARD 2014: My Singapore Favourites (Part 1)

From the tear-jerking Thai advertisements to the kinky Japanese ones, there are so many ways a brand can market themselves or their products. But with the 2014 Effie Awards Singapore presented last month, I thought that I should share my 3 favourite Effie Award Winning Marketing Communications efforts by Singapore for this year.

On a side note, if you don’t know what the Effie Awards is; it is basically the Oscars of the advertising industry. So it is HUGE for the advertisers.


1st Favourite: “I Quit 28 Countdown” Campaign


Why do I like it?

(i) We are all in this Together

Picture from Funny Junk

Just like the high school musical song, the support of almost everyone in Singapore shown through this campaign will just touch your hearts. For instance, the connection amongst smokers and ex-smokers through digital platforms (providing tips, experience and an understanding presence) and the cheerleaders (aka the non-smokers) who gave their support and encouragement. It’s like a warm cup of coco for your heart and soul that makes you want to go awwww, I love this.

 (ii) Watchdogs

Picture from
It Can’t Just Be Me


I also liked this campaign because it successfully created ‘watchdogs’ out of Singaporeans. It sounds crude but this is true. With so much media attention on this campaign, participants were basically announcing to the entire country that they are quitting. Thus, creating a circle of ‘watchdogs’ around the smoker to ‘monitor’ and help them through this process, which increases the likelihood of success. A high rate of success for this campaign would create trust and inspire more people to quit smoking which, to me, is a spill over effect to die for.


(iii) Clever Use of Psychology – This is possible. It’s just 28 days

Picture from


28 Days. This number is the clever use of psychology that increases the likeableness of this campaign. Why? Because it gives an impression of a realistic goal. If you aren’t a smoker then imagine this, if someone told you to stopping eating your favourite food forever, what is your likelihood of agreeing? Instead, if they only ask you to stop eating your favourite food for only 28 days, are you more likely to agree? I would think so, or at least for me, it works. Overall, this campaign gives a very tempting proposal to smokers to take the first step out and that’s really effective and amazing. With so many layers which make it a campaign not only deserving of the Effie Awards, but also something to look up to. Kudos!

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

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